Solar Living Institute

The Solar Living Institute is a great permaculture research site in Hopland, CA.  Here, you can be certified in Photovoltaic Installation, so that you can then go on to work for a solar installation company.  They also offer a wide variety of natural courses, including: herbal medicines, natural building and aquaponics.  They have a biodiesel fueling station on site as well as a broad acre organic farm.  They offer job placement and job training for the future of the energy market.  This is truly an amazing thing to have to offer.  Their website has a vast amount of resource and links, including environmental job resources.  You can really get lost in their web page.  I hope to one day take a PV course here.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

“At the Solar Living Center, workshop students have built a cob pump house, our greenhouse and garden shed, a solar hot water system for the dearly departed intern dome, rammed earth and cob garden structures, stone compost bins, several demonstration straw bale and hybrid natural buildings, an herb garden, a Unisolar photovoltaic installation, and more.

To learn more about our solar training course & sustainability workshop offerings click here.”


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