Back Door Jobs Network

Back Door Jobs, which is the website affiliated with the book, “Short Term Job Adventures,” is a great resource for those interested in finding jobs on farms, at summer camps, and other environmental education opportunities.



1580086691 The Back Door Guide to Short-Term Job Adventures: Internships, Summer Jobs, Seasonal Work, Volunteer Vacations, and Transitions Abroad 
Michael Landes

This book, and this blog, are great for those of us who are interested in earning a living while traveling and learning.  The website is created to be a job resource page.  This page is for ‘sustainable living and farm‘ jobs.  This page is for ‘mind body & soul quest‘ jobs.  There is also an international page with ‘adventure jobs abroad‘ listed.  The web page looks like a great resource, however, I always prefer to have a hard copy of a valuable resource.  I have referred back to this book many times over the years.  It is great to pick up off the shelf and flip through.  I always end up discovering some great company or job opportunity that I was previously unaware of.

Here is an excerpt about the director:

About the Director (a calling unique to me)
Mike Landes: DirectorAs I reflect on a handful of experiences in my lifetime—landing my first internship with Gallo Winery while in college; learning to “think different” as an event marketing intern at Apple; traveling coast-to-coast with MTV; counseling and inspiring college students about the importance of internships and short-term work experiences at California State University, Chico (my alma mater) and Pace University in New York; venturing to Europe on a solo backpacking and cycling adventure (I absolutely loved Switzerland!); experiencing the beauty of Yellowstone National Park while working as a recreation manager; connecting more with the earth as an apprentice at a farm; teaching elementary school children; or working as a graphic designer/illustrator at the American Institute of Wine & FoodHarvard University, and other nonprofits—I realized that all of these experiences, no matter how unrelated they were, have made me the person I am today. By looking at the world with curious eyes and exploring what’s on the other side of the mountain, I now can see this incredible place we live in from many perspectives. Amazingly, I’ve seen my calling in life develop through this extraordinary sojourn that I’ve experienced. Fortunately, I can now share my insights and philosophies with you through this site (which I’m very thankful for).

Michael Landes
P.O. Box 58604
Cincinnati, OH 45258-0604
(513) 515-0959
mlandes @






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