Living Mandala

Living Mandala is a very informative and comprehensive permaculture web page.  They have resources about permaculture courses, consultation and projects.  The page on facilitators, trainers and consultants is particularly informative.  Here you can find information on pioneers and world-changers in many areas.  The community projects page could also be very helpful and informative if you live in the SF Bay Area.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

“Living Mandala

Living Mandala designs, facilitates and produces courses, workshops and events as well as offer consultation services that implement ecologically and socially regenerative practices within a diverse set of fields including:

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Living Mandala is to increase awareness by creating and showcasing educational opportunities, project activities, and consultation services that implement ecologically and socially responsible practices based on the organizing intelligence of nature exhibited through the emergence of life.

Our Organizational Structure

Living Mandala is currently structured as a DBA working in the Fourth Sector with other businesses, non-profits, local governments, NGO’s, and other organizational structures to promote, research, design, and implement regenerative education for people, society, and the planet at large.

Contact Living Mandala

For consultations, courses, workshops or events production, promotions, &
sponsorships contact us.”


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*MSc "Integrative Ecosocial Design" with Gaia University *BA "Ethnography & Photography" with Minor in Spanish Linguistics from UCSC *Artist in Residence at Omega Institute *Handyman, House Painter, Writer, Photographer, Permaculture Designer, Gardener *Photography portfolio at

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