Colorado Aquaponics

Colorado Aquaponics has a great web page with lots of useful information.


They provide classes in Colorado, as well as online.  They also have an online store and many more resources available on their web page.

Here is the link to their gallery, with images of how amazingly well plants grow in these ecosystems.

Here is part of their story:

Growing Food in a Food Desert

The Elyria-Swansea and Globeville neighborhoods where the GrowHaus is located is considered one of the most polluted zip codes in Colorado due to its proximity to heavy industrial manufacturing, an oil refinery, rail yards and a major highway. The community is also designated as a food desert based on characteristics of low income, race/ethnicity, long distance to a grocery store, lack of access to fresh affordable food, and dependence on public transportation. In place of grocery stores, the residences have come to rely on fast food, gas stations, convenience stores and food banks for the majority of their food staples. Due to these factors, many people within food deserts have significant challenges in food security and access resulting in dramatic increases in related health issues.

We have had the amazing opportunity to work with GrowHaus staff, volunteers, students, interns and community members. Along with a permaculture designed area called Growasis and a 5,000 sf hydroponics facility, several aquaponics projects have been constructed to demonstrate different system designs and methods. Much of the GrowHaus functions as a living classroom designed to create awareness around food, nutrition and health and to teach people how to take charge of food production for themselves and others.”


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